Choosing a men’s suit can be stressful at times. Specially when purchasing a suit online for the first time.

If you do not have a reason to wear a suit frequently, you may be unsure or not know how to properly shop for one. Don't worry here we'll educate you!

There's so much more to a suit than just putting it on! You always want to assure it is comfortably the right fit and that is not too tight, as you want to be able to move freely and assure its not a baggy fit. To most men all they need in the closet is a suit or two. However, if you want to dress to impress, a man that is fashion aware, knows that a suit for every occasion is necessary !

When purchasing a suit for the first time, wool is always the go to option, as it can be worn multiple times through out the year. Cotton and linen suits on the other hand, tend to be more popular in warmer weathers. But lets get to the important stuff..... clear and simple. Suit jackets may or may not carry a vent. A single vent exposes the backside. A double vent exposes all sides and a no vent is fit. a no vent suit is normally known as an "Italian" suit. This style tends to be most fit than most. However, because of this you will notice the back normally creases.

When looking for the right size:

You will notice on the size chart, suits are labeled as short, regular and long.

A short suit. For example "#S" is typically made for anyone under 5'7, with sleeve length approximately 32 inches .

A regular suit is typically made for anyone 5'8 and up and a long suit for anyone over 6'0 ft. with sleeves 34-35 or 36-37.

Knowing the difference allows you to better pick a suit that will closely match your exact measurements.

Sometimes it fits so perfect you don't even have to tailor it!

Lastly to know:

There are many suit types. We specifically divide our suits into 4 categories:

Two piece suits, double breasted suits, 3-piece suits and tuxedo suits.

Two piece suits normally contain two buttons. Which is also the most common styled suit.

A double breasted on the other hand, has two vertical rows of buttons but is very similar.

Now 3 piece suits contain a matching jacket, trousers and a vest. Usually you never button the jacket to showcase the vest.

Lastly Tuxedo suits, formally worn for special occasions.

Tuxedo's normally have satin lapels and buttons and normally you can always distinguish a tuxedo from a regular suit.

Now that we've gave you a small run down! You can search from our wide selection of suits and pick your favorite style !